News Update – October 14, 2021

“Inside the world of Medical Fetishism”

Before becoming a full-time mom, Bunny actually worked in the medical field as a phlebotomist. If you knew her, you’d totally understand why stabbing people with sharp objects is right up her alley. She’s a big fan of medical play and keeps teasing me with promises of how she’s going to take a case of needles and turn me into a porcupine…

“[With doctors] we give them this extreme and direct access to our bodies in really terrifying ways,” Mistress Odette said, adding that it’s all about the sexual humiliation a patient experiences when “giving up their bodily control.”

“Everything You Need to Know about BDSM Edge Play”

Can we talk about how much I LOVE RACK? I’ll dedicate a future blog post to it, and let me say, there is no greater thrill than getting right up the edge and daring yourself to look down into the abyss. Also, Cosmo has got to be one of the STRANGEST places to get BDSM news, ranking right up there with Forbes and Teen Vogue. It just goes to show you that the community is lurking in the most conspicuous of places…

“What takes you to the edge could be another person’s ‘normal,’” says Sparks. And because people have their own personal limitations and definitions of what is considered risky, the the only person who can determine what your “edge play” looks like is you.”

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