News Update – October 21, 2021

“What it’s really like to be in a polyamorous marriage”

As a follow-up to my post on Unicorn Hunting (check it out here), I thought it important to share an article about how to balance being polyam with the societal expectations of having a spouse. It’s not easy, but my partners are more than worth it.

“But I think what people forget is that jealousy is not unique to polyamorous relationships. The fact is, we talk about it often and on the positive side that means stuff like who takes the bins out or does the washing becomes easy or irrelevant.”

Second, a unique aspect of polyam relationships is their transitory nature. It’s not because polyam relationships are any less authentic, but rather because so few of us can commit to a household structure that is anchored to more than one individual. New research from Psychology Today shows that, despite this, polyam relationships have some staying power.

“All the relationships—primary and secondaries—had high levels of emotional and sexual intimacy and moderate levels of intellectual intimacy…. Contrary to the myth, polyamory is not a desperate move by couples who have lost intimacy. Nor does it threaten the ongoing intimacy of primary relationships.”

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