News Update – November 10

Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! Normally finding fresh news articles can be struggling because, let’s face it, the stuff we talk about isn’t exactly front page news. Still, I found two great beginner articles to wet your palette

First up, let’s talk about Consensual Non-Consent. Now, CNC is ABSOLUTELY not Kink 101. As the article states, it’s something you should only do with someone you trust implicitly. If this is something you want to explore, Kink Weekly has got your back.

“Of course, CNC play does involve both safe words and consent, but not necessarily in the way that we tend to be taught upon entering the scene. It takes a tremendous amount of trust and understanding between partners yet, surprisingly (in my experience) little actual negotiation.”

For our second article, also from Kink Weekly, we talk about how to take your D/s dynamic out of the house. While winter is setting in, Covid still has many people trying to take advantage of as many outdoor activities as they can. Here’s how to handle your sub when they decided to get too uppity in public.

“Discipline can be accomplished outdoors a lot easier than indoors. If your submissive is deserving of punishment, why not give him/her a difficult outdoor task rather than the typical indoor spanking? A one-mile run should be more than enough to discourage the miscreant from repeating his/her indiscretion. You can take it one step further with an outdoor humiliation scene. Making your sub wear a baby pacifier at the park might just be the kind of degradation that will keep your sub from misbehaving. The beauty of it is that, to the vanilla public at large, it appears to be nothing more than a bit of summer madness.”

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always “Stay kinky, my friends…”

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