News Update – November 16

Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week??? Before you know it Christmas we be on it’s way and I’ll need to start thinking of excuses not to go to holiday parties. While I work on that, here’s this week’s news updates:

First up, from Refinery29 comes the importance of aftercare. There’s debate in the kink community about whether aftercare is really needed (maybe I’ll do a blog post on that), and I will say it should always be at least offered to the sub AND the dom because of the benefits it can provide.

“Clearly, taking the time to be affectionate and talk more after sex — a.k.a. aftercare — can make sex better for everyone, not just those who own multiple pairs of handcuffs. So what does that mean for you? It depends on the kind of sex you’re having, and who you’re having it with.”

Second, comes an article from Psychology Today about coming out as polyamorous to your children. As someone with two partners who both have small children, I love being part of their family and part of their lives. However, there are risks involved.

“When parents in polyamorous relationships consider if they should come out to their kids or not, the answer depends on a wide range of factors. Some of the most important elements in this decision are the age of the child, the degree of exposure the child will have to parents’ partners, and the level of threat that information could pose to the family’s well-being.”

Stay tuned for the next blog update, because it’s gonna be a good one. Until then, stay kinky, my friends!

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