News Update – November 28

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! I hope everyone got “stuffed” over your Turkey Day holiday! We’ve got two great news pieces for you today.

First comes a topic that has been touched on time and time again and can never really be repeated enough. While BDSM is inherently rooted in control and can incorporate some significant violence, it actually has amazing healing powers when it comes to one’s mental health, particularly when coping with trauma.

“It helps me so much,” Alice explains. “BDSM forces me to question my role as a disabled woman, to question the expectations I have for myself and the expectations society has for me. Vulnerability is not a weakness. I understand that now. I feel empowered through vulnerability.”

Second, big changes in the Land Down Under. The states of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia are reframing the legal definition of consent to promote a model that focuses on Enthusiastic Positive Consent in place of implicit consent. The Conversation talks about how we can ask for consent and still make it sexy.

“Affirmative consent is based on the idea that someone who is consenting to sex will actively express this through their words and actions – it’s the presence of an “enthusiastic yes”, rather than the absence of a “no”.”

We’ve got a big blog entry on consent coming up so stay tuned and, as always, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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