News Update – January 20

Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! You know, it’s funny. When you’re a kid, you love snow. It’s beautiful, it’s magical, it’s a part of nature that makes you realize how intricate the world around us is. And then you grow up and, you know, have to go places in it. And you realize maybe it’s not as awesome as it once was. Maybe, after you spend two and a half hours on an unplowed highway, you realize it kinda sucks.

Anyway, while I try to get the ice off my sidewalk, here’s this week’s articles:

First, from Hypebae, comes an examination of Valentine’s Day from a polyam standpoint. Every polyam person has had to address the question at some point: Who do I spend Valentine’s Day with? Fortunatley for me and my ‘cule, nobody gives a shit. As long as we work in a nice dinner and/or some chocolate sometime during that week, everyone’s happy.

“The biggest takeaway: ditch the commercialized side of Valentine’s Day and try something new, like hosting a romantic getaway with all of your partners and their partners. Try throwing a party or if they aren’t fond of spending time all together, book separate dates for each lover throughout the day.”

Second, from the New York Times, comes an announcement that they will be merging their Wedding Announcements section into their “Mini-Vows” column. While you may be thinking “Who cares?” This is actually really cool news for poly people. As marriage rates continue to decline amongst lower and middle-income Americans, The Times is trying to stay ahead of the curve by celebrating committed relationships, including polyamorous ones, in all their forms.

“What we’re looking for is to continue to tell stories that give us a different perspective on relationships in a way that we probably wouldn’t have thought of in the past. Outside of our Mini-Vows, we’re looking to tell stories of commitments that are not necessarily associated with marriage. What we’ve been seeing is that a lot of people are not getting married and are not committing in that traditional sense. But they are starting families, and they are creating homes together in a different way. We want to explore that: What does it mean to be committed in 2022?”

Before I wrap up. I just wanted to send out another “Thank You!” to all my loyal readers. I told my therapist on Tuesday that I don’t need to be the biggest blog in the world, I just need to know that I’m helping one more person today than I did yesterday. So keep spreading the good word and sharing my content on social media. I couldn’t have done all this without you!

As always, until next time, stay kink my friends…

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