News Update – January 29

Good day, my kinky, poly peeps! I don’t know about the rest of you, but up here in the northeast, winter has hit hard. My in-laws told me it was negative four degrees earlier this week in Pittsburgh and it’s been in the teens most nights here in the eastern half of the state. Panda and I are going to trek out into the snow to grab some brunch, so here’s this week’s articles while we try to stay warm.

First, from our neighbors to the north, comes a piece on polyamory. City News of Toronto has been running a series on non-mongamy and this article focuses on the differences between polyamory and polygamy. While this isn’t a question I get very often, it’s good to have a refresher on how drastically different the two relationship styles are.

“‘One of the key values of people who identify as polyamory is equality, regardless of gender identity and regardless of parental status. And they are not mandated by God in general. These are individuals who are pursuing their heart,’ said Boyd.”

Second comes some great news about polyamory and how it’s impacted by the legal system. Late last year, a Washington State man was being sued by his ex-wife for exposing their kids to his polyamorus partners. The ex-wife claimed this violated terms of their divorce decree which explicity forbid him from doing so. A Washington county judge ruled this restricted his First Amendment rights, and hence the clause was unenforceable.

“The lawsuit claimed Benari “exposed” his child to polyamory, though the case was unspecific whether any actual harm was done from that. As a result, the judge who initially reviewed the case refused to convict Benari or award damages to Mrs Benari.”

That’s it for “What happening in the world of Poly!” for today. I’ve got an AMAZING piece on AI and relationships coming up, so please stay tuned for that.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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