News Update – February 28

Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! It’s been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve done a news update. One would think around Valentine’s Day you could find plenty of news about the Kink and EMN communities. Nope. Nothing. Just the same old links to Pornhub and Reddit. Nothing worth reporting or reading. It took me two weeks, but I FINALLY found some stuff that was worth sharing:

First off, from Merry Old England, comes the “World’s First Restaraunt for Polyamorous People”. The resturaunt, called “Throuple” (insert groan here) opened on Valentine’s Day and promises a safe environment for poly people to express their feelings in a public space. Someone on Facebook asked me what the difference between a poly-friendly restaurant and any other restaurant is and my response was… “Marketing?” I can only assume, much like the bar puts our BDSM munch in a back room so we don’t “bother the vanillas”, this restaraunt is designed to be a safe space for poly people.

“The brand is opening Throuple to create a safe space for people in polyamorous relationships, so they can enjoy a romantic night out with their significant others without having to worry about people questioning the additional seat or seats.”

Second, from Marie Claire, comes a discussion on how to talk to a loved one about your kinks. While this is fairly similar to the Nadia Bokody article I posted recently, I like how Marie Claire discusses the nuance between a kink and a fetish, a minor, yet important difference that most people confuse. Now, I do want to clarify a point the article makes that has been brought to my attention as inaccurate. It states that a kink is a “milder form of a fetish”, which I would argue is true, at least in it’s impact. I like to say a kink is a “nice to have” while a fetish is a “need to have”. Fetishes can be tamer thank kinks. What defines a kink versus a fetish is how important it is to achieving sexual gratification.

“Some people are put off by fetishes,” Sloan expands. She reassures that a partner who cares about your pleasure and happiness will hopefully be able to see your fetish the way you do: as a creative, fulfilling, and fun potential component of your sex life together.”

Thanks for your patience while I dug these articles up. I have an AWESOME blog post on its way that discusses what you’ll find on that 800 lb social media gorilla we call FetLife, so stay tuned!

Until then, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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