News Update – March 16

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! If you’re a college basketball fan like me, you know the craziest four days of the year are about to kick off. I was up late last night watching two of the First Four play-in games of the tournament, and I get the feeling I won’t be sleeping much this weekend either. Forty-eight college basketball games, all nationally televised over 96 hours. What’s not to love?

For this week’s first article, we’re really gonna need to pay attention, because it’s kinda heavy, not gonna lie. I was debating whether or not to share it, however, it’s from THE FREAKING HARVARD LAW REVIEW!!! How often to we find our kind of reading material in that kind of publication. It talks about the current level of legal protections for the Ethically Non-Mongamous community (Spoiler Alert! There basically isn’t any) and how progress can be made.

“With that visibility comes hardship. Over half of people in the CNM community have reported workplace, housing, and other forms of discrimination. Employers have fired employees who were polyamorous based on morality clauses in their contracts. Some housing laws restrict residents to those related by blood, adoption, or marriage, preventing polyamorous people from living together.”

Second, from Mama Mia, comes “Four Questions you Should Never Ask Someone in an Open Relationship”. I get it. As a cishetero white guy, I had to learn A LOT about both the POC and Queer communities and I’m still by no means an expert. Wanting to learn is good. Sometimes we need to be tactful in how we ask questions. If you’re one of my readers who doesn’t identify with the ENM community, this article is a good place to start.

“There’s a chance that if you have a friend who has been in an open relationship or explores polyamory, then you’re guilty of asking some things that maybe you shouldn’t have. It may be because traditional relationships differ greatly to the new era of modern dating we’re seeing play out before us – and topics including sex with other people, dating openly and exploring relationships while already in one, are dynamics some of us just aren’t… across.”

That’s it for this week’s news. I think I’m gonna post about EPP next, which is the new legal framework for consent under the law which my good peeps over at The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom have been working on, so stay tuned!

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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