News Update – May 4

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! Sifting through the Internet for news about kink is a lot like waltzing through a pawn shop: There’s a lot of junk nobody wants, and you’re just hoping to find that one diamond in the rough. This week was no exception. While I was able to find two articles, honestly, it’s not my best work, but news is news, so let’s see what we got.

First, from The Focus, comes a discussion about “Gratification Kinks”. I had never heard of this before, and the articles describes it as “the pleasure of giving someone else pleasure”. As a submissive, I personally thought that basically was just called “being a submissive”, but, whatever. If someone wants to add a new term to the lexicon, who am I to judge?

“The explanation, it seems, is it’s a win-win situation. If one person derives pleasure from giving someone else pleasure, then both parties experience pleasure. For a clumsy, out-of-the-bedroom allegory, think of someone who loves to cook being in a relationship with someone who loves to eat. Both people benefit from such a situation.”

Second, Refinery29 talks about aftercare. I’ve got a blog post on the docket about drop, so I’ll talk more about this later, but what I love about this article is that it talks about aftercare as a concept outside of just BDSM. While we think of aftercare as something that needs to be administred after physical activity, the truth is aftercare is important after anything that’s sexually or emotionally taxing, even plain old vanilla sex.

“Taking the time to be affectionate and talk more after sex — a.k.a. aftercare — can make sex better for everyone, not just those who own multiple pairs of handcuffs.”

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for my next post on Polyamory and the “Matriarchy”, and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media. We’re growing by leaps and bounds over there and you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

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