News Update – May 13

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! It’s May and Mother Nature still hasn’t gotten her shit together. I went on a pub crawl last weekend with my local kink group and I’m walking around downtown Lancaster at one in the afternoon wearing long pants and a hoodie. Not the wardrobe that one would expect for the first week of May. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hoodies, and come this time of year I look forward to t-shirts, cargo shorts, and sandals.

Anyway, on to this week’s news:

First, from Poly For US, comes a discussion about Couple’s Privilege. I love this article so much that I’m going to stretch it into an upcoming blog post. What enamors me the most about it is that, while traditional polyam conversations around Couple’s Privilege focus on triads and Unicorn Hunting, this article demonstrates how it can pop up in any relationship structure, even for someone like myself who has five independent partners. Remember, privilege doesn’t need to be apologized for. It should, however, always be recognized.

“Having privilege doesn’t make you a bad person, as it’s just something that happens due to the culture and influences around you. It’s what you do with that privilege that matters.”

Second, from our good friends at Vice, comes an article about CNC. The thing I’ve always loved about kink is how it lets you play out some dark fantasies in a safe, controlled space where you know no one is going to get hurt. To me, there’s just something so liberating about letting your inner darkness run loose every now and then. To quote Hozier in his song “Arsonist’s Lullabye”: “Don’t you ever tame your demons, but always keep ’em on a leash…”

“Those who practice CNC enjoy different aspects of it, and know it’s not just about physical violence – though that does play a big part in the pleasure of it. It’s about surrendering control for the submissive partner and exerting control for the dominant party, and for both it’s about indulging in something they wouldn’t want to be involved in if they didn’t have a say over the matter.”

That’s it for this week. I’ve got a great piece on drop coming up next, plus, as I mentioned, a piece on Couples Privilege after that, so keep reading and sharing with your community.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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