News Update – November 10

Hey, my kinky polam peeps! It’s been a crazy week for weather up here in Pennsylvania. First we had Fall, them Summer came back for a surprise engagement, now Summer and Fall have both left the building and it appears we’ve moved straight on to Winter.

While I figure out exactly what clothes in my wardrobe I need to pack away until Spring, here’s this week’s news update:

First, from Mashable, comes one person’s story about how BDSM was able to help them deal with the consequences of a sexual assault. While these stories are never good, I do find solace in knowing that our community is able to help people heal from such tragic events.

“While participating in BDSM, I was able to look deep within, learn about exactly what I enjoy and what I want, and communicate these things openly and frankly to my partners.”

Second, from Hauterrfly, are tips on how to make a long-distance power dynamic work. Vixen is in a long-term D/s dynamic with her Dom and partner (1,500 miles to be more specific) so I’m always curious to hear what they do to keep that spark going.

“It’s not the distance which kills long-distance relationships, it’s the inability to connect with your partner which kills it. We have seen so many couples come out stronger from their time away during the lockdown. You can have fun together, even please each other through the magic of the internet.”

That’s it for this week’s news. Stay tuned for my upcoming piece on what to do when you and your partner have mismatched kinks. I PROMISE not to wait six weeks to post like I did last time.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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