News Update -November 24

Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate! Panda and I are in Florida visiting her family for a few days, so while I fight my brother-in-law for the last serving of chestnut stuffing, here’s two great articles to “fill up your plate”.

First, from one of The Bratty Cat’s favorite resources, Men’s Health, comes an important discussion about the difference between a kink and a fetish. The terms get thrown about interchangeably, but there’s actually a really important difference.

“Fetishes fall under the broader category of kink: “an umbrella term that encompasses any and all sexual interests, behaviors, and identities that aren’t considered mainstream,” Lehmiller says. So, a kink may be a fun, occasional addition to someone’s sexual repertoire, or something that they consistently require.”

Second, from Trend Detail comes a piece on… spitting? I love hearing about “nontraditional” kinks not because I think they’re “weird” (we TOTALLY don’t kink-shame here) but because I’m fascinated by their origin and why people find them attractive. It’s like yogurt. What was the thought process behind “Hey! This milk seems to have curdled and gone bad. Let’s eat it!”

“Spitting breaks a great social taboo. Breaking a rule that is so deeply ingrained in society brings real excitement,” she explains. “Our brain interprets things differently in the context of sex and pleasure, and our inhibitions tend to drop, so things that we might usually consider disgusting can become exciting.”

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for my upcoming article on the Relationship Autonomy Index. I’m really excited about it because it delves into a topic we don’t talk enough about: Diversity in the ENM community.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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