“All that Showers isn’t Gold” – Let’s Talk Watersports!

Kiss the rain, whenever you need me

Kiss the rain, whenever I’m gone too long

If your lips feel lonely and thirsty

Kiss the rain, and wait for the dawn

–Billie Myers, “Kiss the Rain”

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! Welcome back to what I feel is going to be another great piece! As I write this, it’s the first week of January, which here in Central Pennsylvania means THE FARM SHOW!!! While I recognize our farm shows aren’t as big as some of those of you who live in the Midwest or the South, it’s still my excuse to eat incredibly unhealthy for a day and pet some pigs, so I’m really looking forward to it. Also, I’m going with Vixen and her family this year and they’ve never been, so it’ll be really exciting to see their reaction.

So, the original plan for this week was to do a piece on blood play. After speaking to Bunny, who has experience with the subject and worked in the medical field, she believed that there was a certain level of… liability that might be associated with my writing. She informed me that no matter how many trigger warnings and “Do not attempt at home” labels I put on the piece, there was still going to be someone who saw my post as “unsolicited advice” and if someone got hurt, I was going to be on the hook. This project has taught me not to open Pandora’s Box unless explicitly asked to, so I’m going to put that idea to the side and hopefully I can come back to it in the future.

That same evening, I was lying in bed (which is one of the two places where I get my best ideas), contemplating what I should write about on such short notice. I began to ponder “Blood is a bodily fluid. Are there other bodily fluids I could also write about?” If you don’t know where this is going, then you obviously don’t follow me close enough on social media. As a brat, I’m not happy unless other people are uncomfortable.

That’s right, friends. We’re talking about Watersports this week. Otherwise known as… Piss Play!

I recall the very first time I learned that this was a kink. I was the early 2010’s, because I remember it was around the time that Panda and I were growing a little tired of the swing scene but had not yet discovered BDSM. I was on a play date with a woman that Panda and I had couple swapped with several times before and she had brought her toy kit. I didn’t consider myself “kinky” (although, as I’ve said many times before “Swingers are Kinky”. Die mad about it) but was willing to experiment. She started discussing her hard limits and she mentioned “Watersports”. Never hearing the term outside its vanilla context, I asked for clarification, and immediately had this visceral reaction. It wasn’t a “Dear God that’s so wrong!”, but more of a “Yeah, that is 100% not for me.”

I want to talk about different ways to engage in watersports, why people do it, and, most importantly, the risks associated with it, but before we started, let’s do the infodump.

For this week’s article, I pulled pieces from this 2022 article from KYNK 101, this 2019 article from Out.com, this 2018 article from Metro UK, and this 2017 piece from Esquire, written by the AMAZING Girl on the Net. Please make sure to go check her out on Twitter.

What really opened my eyes while doing research for this piece is the numerous ways in which one can engage in watersports, and how each method can satisfy a very specific desire. If you had asked me just a few days ago what watersports entailed, I would have told you “pissing on someone”. Turns out the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than that.

Ways to engage in watersports

While directly urinating on someone is by far the most recognizable form of watersports, from what my research has shown me, there’s many other ways in which we can enjoy piss. For example, rather than urinating on someone else, watersports can take the form of having your partner urinating on themselves, or simply watching your partner urinate directly into the toilet.

Other participants, such as those interviewed in the Metro article, like to use piss as part of the sexual act itself. “Scott”, from the US, mentions that he likes to urinate in his partner’s mouth while receiving oral as it makes for extra lubrication. I will attest that, as a penis owner, nothing makes it more difficult to ejaculate than the need to urinate, so I’m sure this “mid-sex piss”, probably also facilitates orgasm. “Carol” also from the U.S., states that she has a fantasy of her partner urinating insider her during penetration to add an extra layer of “wetness” to their intercourse.

Of course, there are those that see not just the act of urination, but the ingestion of urine as part of their kink. Tim, who was crowned Mr. Michigan Leather 2018 mentions that his partner likes to drink “straight from the tap”, meaning urinating directly into the mouth. “Steve” from the Metro article will ask his partners freeze their urine, and he will then break off little icicles for him to lick from time to time. I found this particularly interesting because it implies that watersports is not something that has to be enjoyed “in the moment”, but rather can “saved for a later date”.

Why we engage in watersports

Just like there are numerous ways to enjoy piss, there are just as many reasons why someone would choose to engage in watersports. The obvious and immediate conclusion that most people jump to would be degradation, and that certainly has a place inside the community. The flip side of that coin, praise and honoring, also plays a significant role. Chris Hawke, founder of GBU Sex Parties in New York, stated that the act of taking in or covering yourself with something that has been inside your partner’s body creates a sense of intimacy and connection that some people can find erotic.

What really amazed me, as it was something I had never considered before, was how watersports can be classified as almost a sort of sensation play. It makes sense when you think about it. Urine is a liquid, and when it is applied against your body, it can create an array of physical responses. “Alice”, a webcammer from Colorado, states that the physical pressure on her bladder from drinking too many liquids can be a turn-on. “Faye”, from the UK, enjoys the warmth of urine as it hits their skin. More than physical sensation, the mere sight and sound of urination can be sexually gratifying. “Ben”, from California states in the Metro article that he loves to walk past the bathroom as his partner is urinating just to listen to the sound.

Safety concerns and Watersports

While urine is a bodily fluid, the good news is that, of all the bodily fluids one can choose to play with, urine tends to be one of the safest. Unlike blood, urine won’t carry STIs, so the health risk comes from bacteria that enters the urinal stream as it leaves the body. This risk can be mitigated by the urinator flushing their system with plenty of water prior to play as well as immediately washing any body part exposed to urine with good ol’ fashioned soap and water after play.

Ironically, one could argue the real health risk behind watersports is not bacteria, but dehydration. As urine contains a high salt content, anyone drinking urine must be sure they are heavily hydrated prior to play to soak up all that alkaline. Also, as most people aren’t crazy about soiled sheets, clean-up should be a priority. If engaging in watersports outside of the bathroom, make sure to put down a clean towel or disposable “puppy pads”. Or, for the lazy folks in the audience like me, just do it in the shower. That way, clean-up is instantaneous, and you can grab some soap and shampoo right there.

I’ll admit when I started research for this piece, I had a lot of trepidation. I believe in the whole “Don’t yuck my yum” philosophy, and I was legitimately scared about some of the stuff I would uncover. After writing this piece I can conclusively say that watersports are absolutely not for me, and yet I do have a fuller understanding of what they entail and why someone would be attracted to it. Where I originally viewed it as “just pissing on someone”, I now see that it’s more intricate and complex than that, and I dare say I can appreciate the mindset that enjoys them, even if they’re not my cup of… pee.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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