News Update – January 28

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! Sorry for the delay in the latest news update. Both Facebook and TikTok have been heating up lately, plus, sometimes there’s just not a whole lot of news to report. Kink and Polyamory are still considered pretty “niche”, so news can sometimes be hard to come by.

Anyway, while I get down on my knees and pray to the Football Gods for an Eagles victory this weekend, here’s this week’s news…

First, from AOL, is a piece about KinkTok, the TikTok community focused on Kink. As a content creator myself, I am fully aware of the fine line I half to walk in providing information, but not offering anything that could be construed as advice that could be misinterpreted in a harmful way. While I don’t follow many KinkTok creators myself, I can easily see how even the most basic aspects of kink could be made dangerous through a 60-second video.

“‘I look at KinkTok as sort of like when we had the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon,’ Megatron said, referring to the popular franchise that fasely represented some aspects of kink. There is good in the comparison: KinkTok is normalizing talk about kink, and getting the conversation going. Beyond that, however, there’s lots of room for misinformation, skewed representation, and danger — such as teaching skills that should be taught in a physical class.”

Second, from our friends from across the pond (why does so much kink and polyam news come from England?) is easily the most… bizarre statistic I have heard in years. According to a study done by sexual wellness brand Love Honey, nearly half of all millennials continue to sleep with their ex-partners after a break-up. While I can totally respect this behavior (being friends with an ex is something I personally struggled with in the past and am actively working towards), I am amazed by the sheer number of people who engage in it, let alone admit to the practice. I believe love comes in many forms, and to see younger generations embracing this concept, well, it fills me with hope.

“Try to think about all relationships as relationships – friendships are relationships, partners are relationships, our family members we have relationships with – a relationship isn’t synonymous with romance and sex. So, you get to decide what type of relationship you have with this person and IF you want them in your life, to begin with.”

That’s it for this week, my friends. I’m REALLY excited about my next post (In all fairness, I’m excited about all of them), so don’t forget to come back soon!

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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