News Update – April 26

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! It’s good to be back writing again. Sorry for my two-month absence. Life just kinda… got away from me, but I’m ready to put fingers back to keypad and give you the news and information you deserve.

Like a brand-new strap-on that’s one size too big, we’re gonna ease back into this hot mess with the news.

The first of our two articles comes from across the pond and jolly ol’ England. While I realize The Daily Mail is basically England’s version of Fox News, and therefore only good for using as toilet paper (BTW, did you hear about Tucker??? Seriously, can this week get any better???) like Fox News, it occasionally does offer some fact-based reporting, even if it does take the opportunity to blatantly show it’s biased against anything not straight, white, and Christian.

Apparently, the employees’ union for England’s Ministry of Justice is lobbying the British government to treat kink and BDSM as “protected classes” for sake of employment with the government. While I view kink as an activity and not an orientation, and hence, am reluctant to give it the same status as race, gender identity, and sexual orientation, I also recognize that there needs to be some form of protection so employers can’t fire employees on “morality grounds” based on what they do outside the office. Here in the Keystone State, we have “At-will” employment law, which means your employer can basically fire you for any reason they want, unless, of course, you are one of said protected classes, which I’m sure is the same logic that’s driving the employee’s union in this case.

“A motion tabled by the MoJ Associated Offices branch and included in next month’s conference programme calls on delegates to note ‘that BDSMers need protection in law as many are fired if their employers find out’.”

Second, from back here in the States comes a story from Sommerville, Massachusetts. Back in 2020, Sommerville became the first municipality to legalize polyamorous marriage. Last week, they extended protected class status for employment purposes to polyamorous individuals. It’s a great step in the right direction towards giving the polyam community all the protections our monogamous brethren have.

“Adams said policies on a municipal level can be the start of big change. ‘That was one of the lessons of the same-sex partnership movement, they said; that once you can put your partner and family on paper, ‘that really helps change social attitudes. That gives you a stamp of legitimacy,’ they said. ‘The government is saying this is a valid a relationship.'”

That’s it for this week. I PROMISE I will get an blog piece up in the next week or so once I get my butt motivated, so…

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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