News Update – August 24

Hey my Kink, Polyam Peeps! Welcome back for what I hope will be another informative news update! On a personal note, my birthday crawl was this past weekend and it was so great to see my partners and chosen family together having a great time. It’s easy to forget the impact you have on people until you see them all in one place and you’re reminded that you do, in fact, matter.

While I reminisce about the soft pretzels and elote dip I had last Saturday, here’s this week’s news:

First, from Vice, comes an article about the rise of “Free Use” kink. If you haven’t been on PornHub lately, it is ALL OVER the place. Basically a milder form of Consensual Non Consent, it’s exactly what it sounds like: One partner agrees to let the other partner “use them” typically in a sexual manner, on demand. Is this a new kink that’s been unlocked for me? Maybe…

“A free use fetish is, broadly, the desire to be sexually “used” by a partner anytime, anywhere. Once considered niche, now there is more content about it than ever. Several NSFW subreddits are dedicated to the theme, one of which has 1.4 million members, and TikToks about the topic have garnered several million views. While these communities and clips might serve to normalize the kink and make it familiar to those who otherwise would have never stumbled upon it, it is not without controversy.”

Second, from Cosmo, comes a revisit about Blood Play. I’ve shared articles about this before, and it’s always good to have a refresh. Remember, as blood play falls under the category of Edge Play, it’s important to do your homework first and only engage with someone knowledgeable and trusted!

“According to sociologist Sarah Melancon, Ph.D, clinical sexologist and lead researcher at, blood play is appealing in large part because it’s not socially acceptable to be into it. “Blood is inherently taboo, and in sex we love playing with taboos of all kinds,” she explains.”

That’s it for this week! What do I have on tap for my next polyam article? Absolutely nothing, buy such is the life of a writer. If yiu have any ideas, let me know…

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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