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–Tommy Wiseau

Hi There! Thanks for visiting my site!

I started The Bratty Cat as a way to help spread news, information, and my own meandering life experiences to assist others in the BDSM and Polyamorous communities. So, without further adieu, a little about me:

I am a middle-aged cisgender man (sorry scammers, you’re not getting my age) who resides in the beautiful open farmlands of Central Pennsylvania (That’s Pennsyltucky to you locals. By the way, this page is gonna be very liberal and I won’t apologize about it. Kink is inherently political, and if you’re not okay with that, then you’re not ready to hear what I have to say. Save yourself some grief, do some soul searching, and come back when you’re ready. It’s okay. I’ll wait!) My “day job” is in the financial services industry (I have both my CFP and CFA designations, and “No”, I will not give you financial advice), but my passion and “side hustle” is BDSM and Poly education. While I am certainly not an expert or a qualified or licensed therapist (let’s get THAT out of the way REAL QUICK), I do see myself as a tenured member of the community and want to be your Gandalf as we take an unexpected journey through everything the community has to offer.

In my personal life, I am a masochistic bratty submissive (a self-described “Author of all my pain”. BTW, do you know why Blofeld was the coolest bond villain? That’s right! It was the cat!) I have three Dommes (more on that later) and LOVE to push the boundaries. I like to say that “If you never push the envelope, you’ll never know what your limits are.” Has this gotten me into trouble before? Of course it has! But that’s half the fun! I was introduced into the BDSM community back in 2013 through my nesting partner (more on her to come as well) and currently moderate a local BDSM group here in my home town. I’m also part of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom’s (NCSF) Media Updates Team, where I find current BDSM and Poly news to share with the organization. I’ll also be sharing those articles on this site as well.

My home life is nothing short of both amazing and insane (as someone who struggles with both depression and ASD, I use that word with the utmost respect). I have four partners: Panda (my nesting partner), Penguin (my Domme and “Mom #4”), Foxy (also my Domme), and Bunny (again, another Domme. Are you sensing a theme here?). Obviously, I’m using the pseudonyms for anonymity purposes since all of them are “in the poly closet” to one extent or another. Finally, there’s my three beloved fur babies, all kitty cats (There’s that cat theme again…) While I’m not a furry, I do identify with cats almost on a spiritual level. They’re 100% authentic, they don’t demand anything more from you than what they are willing to give, and like their father, they’re bratty as fuck.

So, that’s the long and short of it. I encourage you to check out the blog and news section to catch-up with what’s going on in not just MY world but THE world. Thanks for visiting, shoot me an e-mail at TheBrattyCatWebsite@gmail.com if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, and don’t forget to share this site with members of YOUR local community!

-The Bratty Cat

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