News Update – January 20

Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! You know, it’s funny. When you’re a kid, you love snow. It’s beautiful, it’s magical, it’s a part of nature that makes you realize how intricate the world around us is. And then you grow up and, you know, have to go places in it. And you realize maybe it’sContinue reading “News Update – January 20”

New Relationship Energy – Where Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy!

“I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me. I still feel your touch in my dream. Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why, Without you, it’s hard to survive.” –Cascada, “Every Time We Touch” Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! I just flew in from Florida and BOY ARE MY ARMSContinue reading “New Relationship Energy – Where Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy!”

News Update -January 14

Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! Have we got some interesting articles for you! Without further adieu, let’s get right to it: First off, from, comes the secret behind “The Great Hornification of the Internet”. It’s no secret that two years of Covid has made all of us not just weary, but, shall we say…Continue reading “News Update -January 14”

News Update – January 5

Hey, my kinky poly peeps! Sorry for being M.I.A. for the last two weeks. Between Christmas and New Year’s I was on the road for over a week visiting family and friends, so I’m just now getting back on track. So, without further adieu, the news… When I was in high school, my driver’s edContinue reading “News Update – January 5”

Kitchen Table or Parallel? – Ten Questions to Ask on a Poly First Date

“Hey! Been trying to meet you Hey! Must be a Devil between us Or whores in my head, whores at the door, whore in my bed But Hey! Where have you been? –The Pixies, “Hey” Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! I gotta be honest: While this is a BDSM and Polyamory blog, I do feelContinue reading “Kitchen Table or Parallel? – Ten Questions to Ask on a Poly First Date”

News Update – December 17

Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! Welcome back for another news update. Not gonna lie, it was slim pickings this week, but when life gives you a cow carcass, you take that hide and make yourself a flogger. First up from CNN comes an interview with Billie Eilish. Full disclosure, “Bad Guy” is on my sceneContinue reading “News Update – December 17”

News Update – December 9

Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! Welcome back! Like me, the news cycle never stops, so let’s get right to it. First comes an article from Vice on how to discuss your kinks with your vanilla partner. If you’re someone who’s interested in kink, but doesn’t know just what to say, this article is for you.Continue reading “News Update – December 9”

News Update – November 23

Hey my kinky, polyam peeps! First off: HAPPY POLYAMORY DAY!!! Yes, November 23 is Polyamory Day, so make sure to tell all your partner’s, metas, and metas too-many-times removed how important they are and what a valuable community we represent. In light of National Polyamory Day, our first article comes from INews from across theContinue reading “News Update – November 23”

The Wide World of ENM – Where Do You Fit in?

“There’s a rose in the fisted glove And the eagle flies with the dove And if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with. –Stephen Stills, “Love the One You’re With” Hey my kinky, polyam peeps! It has been an amazing couple of days here at The Bratty Cat.Continue reading “The Wide World of ENM – Where Do You Fit in?”

News Update – November 16

Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week??? Before you know it Christmas we be on it’s way and I’ll need to start thinking of excuses not to go to holiday parties. While I work on that, here’s this week’s news updates: First up, from Refinery29 comes the importance of aftercare.Continue reading “News Update – November 16”

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