The Bratty Cat’s Guide to… Bratting!

“You don’t own me Don’t try to change me in anyway You don’t own me Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay” –Lesley Gore, “You Don’t Own Me” Hey, my kinky, polyam peeps! It’s my favorite time of year, the NFL playoffs! My friends always find it interesting that I’m such a sports nutContinue reading “The Bratty Cat’s Guide to… Bratting!”

How to Train… Yourself? The Keys to Being a Good Submissive

“Trouble on my left, trouble on my right, I’ve been facing trouble almost all my life My sweet love, won’t you pull me through? Everywhere I look I catch a glimpse of you I said it was love and I did it for life, I didn’t do it for you Got so much to lose,Continue reading “How to Train… Yourself? The Keys to Being a Good Submissive”

Red Light, Green Light, Go! – How to Properly Negotiate a BDSM Scene

“No one really knows how the game is played The art of the trade, how the sausage is made We just assume that it happens But no one else is in the room where it happens” Lin-Manuel Miranda, “The Room Where it Happens” Hey, my kinky, poly peeps! Welcome back for another great post. OneContinue reading “Red Light, Green Light, Go! – How to Properly Negotiate a BDSM Scene”

News Update – November 10

Hey, my kinky polyam peeps! Normally finding fresh news articles can be struggling because, let’s face it, the stuff we talk about isn’t exactly front page news. Still, I found two great beginner articles to wet your palette First up, let’s talk about Consensual Non-Consent. Now, CNC is ABSOLUTELY not Kink 101. As the articleContinue reading “News Update – November 10”

News Update – October 14, 2021

“Inside the world of Medical Fetishism” Before becoming a full-time mom, Bunny actually worked in the medical field as a phlebotomist. If you knew her, you’d totally understand why stabbing people with sharp objects is right up her alley. She’s a big fan of medical play and keeps teasing me with promises of how she’sContinue reading “News Update – October 14, 2021”

RACK it up! I’ll take it!!!

“Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m shot. Sometimes I don’t know how much more I got. Maybe I’m headed over the hill, maybe I’ve set myself up for the kill.” –Billy Joel, “I Go to Extremes” As someone with Autism, I tend to get fixated on a subject and will go on and on unless someoneContinue reading “RACK it up! I’ll take it!!!”