News Update – June 23

Hey, my Kinky, Polyam Peeps! We’re in the thick of summer, which means… fuck this heat! Actually, we’ve had a few pretty cool days here in Pennsylvania (upper 60’s, lower 70’s), so I can’t complain too much. My Doc has me on orders to walk 15 miles every week, so I know once the summer heat really kicks in, I am going to be a gross, sweaty, mess.

While I contemplate about which songs I want to put on my workout mix, here’s this week’s news…

First, from Paired Life comes a helpful list of the 5 Do’s and Dont’s to keep in mind when coming out as polyamorous, particularly to a potential partner. This can always be tricky since, unless you know the person you’re interested in is also nonmonagamous, it will come as a surprise to the other party. Personally, it’s why I tend to date exclusively nonmongamous individuals because it’s just one more difficult conversation I’d rather not have.

“Polyamory is quickly growing and gaining more ground as an alternative to monogamy, and for many people, that is a great thing. But always keep in mind that there are people who are opposed to that kind of lifestyle or who may just be misinformed.”

Second, from frequent contributor Business Insider, are 6 money management tips for polyamorous couples. I will say personally, as someone trained as a financial planner, I find that polyam people tend to take a more blase attitude when it comes to personal financial planning than their monogamous counterparts. I think a lot of this comes from the general rejection of mononormative standards like marriage and cohabitation. If you’re not married or living with a partner, it’s easy to overlook things like how your assets will be distributed upon your passing, or who will be able to make medical decisions for you in the case of an emergency. We tend to forget all the tangible benefits that things like marriage and joint ownership of assets can provide couples.

“Sussing out money matters in any type of relationship is difficult. ‘Talking about money is one of the hardest things for couples. Polyamory can amplify those challenges simply by increasing the number of voices involved in the conversation,’ says Michelle Waymire, a CFP®, CFA, financial advisor, financial coach and founder of Young & Scrappy. ‘With more people comes the potential for differences in opinion, disparate backgrounds and past experiences, and more opportunities for financial traumas to influence the discussion.'”

That’s the news for this week. Stay tuned because we have a FANTASTIC article on Your First Trip to a Swing Club that should be coming out in the next week or so.

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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