News Update – October 27

Hey there, my Kinky, Polyam Peeps! Welcome to another exiciting news update. I usually don’t like going three months between these posts, but my last article on Polyamory as an orientation took longer than expected plus, frankly, news about kink and polyam has been very light the last few weeks. One thing I’m learning as I do more and more TikTok content is that the appetite for this kind of information really isn’t there amongst the general public. If nobody cares to hear about it, nobody is going to report on it.

Fortunately for you, my loyal readers, you’ve got me to dig through all the nonsense on the Internet and highlight the important parts. While I grab myself another piece of Halloween candy, why don’t you enjoy this week’s news.

First, from NPR, comes an episode of “Life Kit” which discusses non-monogamy for beginners. Because most of the articles I share are from lesser known news sources, it’s very refreshing to get some representation from a prominent, national media source. I do secretly long for the day when I open up news from a major paper or a national television station and read a story about non-monogamy with the frequency that I would read about monogamous dating or relationship advice.

” We don’t think that one friendship generally is taking away from all our other ones. It’s just we negotiate the terms of those and how close we are depending on the connections and what everyone wants and consents to. But then when it comes to romance, we – a lot of us don’t have that understanding. It’s like, this is my person. I am only allowed to get anything romantic and sexual and possibly deeply emotional from them, and that’s it.”

Second, from Yahoo!, is a discussion about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell relationships. The wonderful Leanne Yau of Poly Philia is quoted. As much as I try not to “yuck other people’s yum”, I will say DADT can be highly problematic and not something I would ever personally engage in. I’ve seen it go south too many times and, while it’s an option to explore, I always warn newbies that it should be at best, approached with caution, and at worst, avoided entirely.

“DADT ‘is different from other non-monogamous agreements in that it prioritizes a lack of transparency between partners, which goes against the openness and honesty that is typically encouraged in non-monogamy,’ says polyamory educator and sex positive advocate Leanne Yau, founder of Poly Philia. This means that partners agree to have sex with and/or date people outside of their relationship, but they don’t disclose those experiences to each other.”

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for my next article when we find out if an AI Chatbot can write an article about BDSM (the results are probably going to surprise you…).

Until next time, stay kinky, my friends…

–The Bratty Cat

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