News Update – November 3

Hello my kinky polyam peeps! I hope everyone had a fantastic SPOOOOOOOOKY HALOWEEEEEN!!! It’s officially November, which apparently means I’m not supposed to shave or jack-off for the next thirty days, so while I work on the next blog post discussing the insanity of these two traditions, here’s the news:

First, we all remember what our parent’s told us when we were young, dumb, and naïve: The Internet is like an elephant: It never forgets. As an internet content creator, I am well aware that I walk a very dangerous line between anonymity and publicity. I’m not saying “Don’t put your secrets on the Internet”, but rather, ask yourself “Am I prepared for the consequences if the worst-case scenario materializes”. For one couple in the Bible Belt, they clearly weren’t thinking three steps ahead…

“These budding influencers aim to be ad hoc sex coaches for couples who might be reconsidering the idea of commitment and sexual exploration. As USA Today put it this week, “The swinging community hid in the shadows. Then came #SwingTok”

Second, we’ve all heard the “BDSM gone wrong” true crime stories (I would totally watch an HLN series about nothing but just that) and this one really takes the cake. There’s just so much going on here. A guy advertising online that he’s an EMT? Eight men getting their balls cut off? A dead body in a cardboard box in the killer’s apartment? For three weeks???

“According to prosecutors, the defendant presented himself in online forums as an emergency medical technician. He began offering BDSM services for hire because he was badly in need of money following the death of his wife.”

As always, thanks for reading, stay tuned for more updates, and remember, Christmas belongs in December. Christmas decorations before Black Friday is November appropriation and not cool.

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